The 10 benefits of alkaline water

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1. Rich in antioxidant
Alkaline water is rich in antioxidant, which helps protect your body from free radicals and thus prevent many diseases.

It is better to prevent than to cure and anticipate the risk of the occurrence of many pathologies. Antioxidants are effective in lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
In addition, antioxidants prevent the oxidation of fats which can be harmful for blood vessels.
They help prevent the appearance of tumors or cancer. Their role is important because they also protect your eyes, delay premature aging of the skin and cells.
In a published study, it has been proven that alkaline water can neutralize the action of oxidative elements that attack body tissues and in particular DNA.
Antioxidants are even able to counter the effects of pollution.
By drinking alkaline water regularly, you strengthen your immune system against free radicals. This will prevent the appearance of several diseases.

2. Rich in minerals
By making the pH of water basic, it contains a higher concentration of alkaline minerals, namely calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are vital for human health.
These minerals are essential for your body, especially for building your bones, teeth and hair. Minerals are present in all organs and in every cellular fluid, they are extremely important. Drinkair alkaline water supports your immune system by providing more minerals needed by your body.

3. Rich in oxygen
The role of oxygen on our cells is essential.
The blood takes care of transporting the oxygen which is released to penetrate the cells.
Consumption of Drinkair alkaline water increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood. Its purpose is to give energy to the organism.
Oxygen is also involved in the fight against pathogens and in the control of free radicals. There are many consequences in the event of under-oxygenation, including the alteration of the metabolism, not to mention the impact on the nervous system.

4. Detoxifying water
Like the detox drink, Drinkair alkaline water removes build-up of mucus on the intestinal walls, improving the body’s ability to absorb essential elements.
This ionized solution will purify the body of waste and toxins accumulated by our body, a real alternative to the detoxification treatment.

5. Cleanser
Drinkair alkaline water is a natural cleanser. In addition to being healthy, it helps eliminate waste and toxins that have settled in our body through the food we eat.
Over time, the organism becomes contaminated, which requires thorough cleaning. However, alkaline water is able to clean it thanks to its multiple properties.

6. Energizing
Not many people know, but alkaline water is an energizing solution. Otherwise, she would not be able to fight disease and fatigue. Electronegative hydroxyl ions help increase energy levels and mental clarity. Thus, Drinkair alkaline water has the advantage of being invigorating to recover more easily after intense effort, while limiting the intense aches due to the lactic acid produced.

7. Maintains weight control
Drinkair alkaline water is the best ally for body maintenance because it reduces the need for fatty tissue that stores acid waste to protect vital organs from excess acidification.
In particular, it promotes the absorption of nutrients during digestion.

8. Elimination of pesticides
Pesticides do kill organisms harmful to our environment, but they pose a real public health problem. They would also have harmful effects on the development of the fetus.
Drinkair alkaline water helps dissolve pesticides that can be found on fresh fruits and vegetables. So before consuming your fresh fruits and vegetables, soak them in Drinkair alkaline water.

9. Super-hydrating
Contrary to what many of us think, water is not made up of single molecules, but rather of molecules arranged in clusters. Your tap water under pressure is made up of large clusters of 12 to 15 molecules.
The Drinkair process leads to breaking the electrical links between molecules and reorganizing them into clusters of 5 to 6 molecules, which is 2 to 3 times smaller.
Sometimes consuming tap water can make you feel dehydrated and thirsty as the water does not fully penetrate the body’s organs.
In fact, the reduced size of the water clusters of alkaline water facilitates the penetration of water into the cells of your body and thus improves the hydration of the body, as they become more assimilable.
The brain first needs good hydration to facilitate your reflexes, your reflections and various intellectual activities.
Drink Drinkair alkaline water to keep your vital organs well hydrated. Alkaline water will hydrate the brain and maintain intellectual capacity.

10. Corrects the acidity of the organism
The last, but not the least, benefit of Drinkair alkaline water is that of correcting the acidity of the body. Due to a stress or a little varied diet, our body is victim of an acid-base imbalance. As it needs to be kept alkaline, a small cure is necessary to avoid the risk of increased acidification which is harmful to the human organism.

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