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Benefits of drinking alkaline water according to expert opinion

Theodore Baroody
The author of the book “Drinking water with alkaline conditions for life or risking death from abstaining” said: “I have given alkaline water to patients who need to drink water. water for their health, because I believe that alkaline water can miraculously restore the health of patients.

Dr. Sherry Rogers
He claims that “alkaline water can remove the acidic waste that builds up in our bodies,” after studying the analysis of the good results that patients get from drinking this alkaline water. The accumulation of toxic waste in the body is an important cause of serious illness. ”

Dr. Susan Lark
A university professor and the author of the book “Success Based on Chemistry” said that “Drinking alkaline water, 4 to 6 glasses a day will bring about a balance of the body’s alkaline conditions.” It is recommended to drink alkaline water if you feel cold or flu. Alkaline water has the same properties as vitamin C, E and beta carotene. It will act as an antioxidant against the free radicals that cause the mutation of our cells, including DNA. This deviation is the cause of many serious illnesses such as heart disease, including cancer. ”

Dr Ingfreid Hobert, MD
“You don’t have to resort to expensive drugs that sometimes cause side effects. Just alkaline water will have long-term results because it will adjust our body to be alkaline and at the same time act as an antioxidant . ”

Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi
“Foods that cause acidic waste accumulate in the body, such as meat, potatoes, fried foods, cola drinks and desserts that consist of sugar and others can accumulate in the body. For many decades, Dr. Hide Mitsu has stated that drinking antioxidants (alkaline water) can eliminate this waste. ”

Mr. David Niven Miller
Expert and author “How to Stay Young” says “Better quality drinking water can improve our health and can treat various illnesses, but alkaline water can help restore long-term health and vital function , it’s also an excellent antioxidant at the same time ”

Mr. Daniel Reid
Washing machine System in the body (DETOXFICATION) said that “alkaline water is a good way to clean and remove waste present in acidic conditions.”

Mr. Harald Tietze
Story book author “Young Stability” states that “antioxidant alkaline water helps to stay young and in the long run can help remove waste from the body and the functions of various organs will be more efficient.”

Felicia Drury Climent
Assistant Master City College of New York and author of “Foods that Help Balance Acidity / Alkalinity in the Body,” said. “After studying and researching the use of alkaline water with his customers for many years, he concluded that public health officials should change their rhetoric to suggest drinking alkaline water.”

Dr. Robert O. Young
The author of the book “PH MIRACLE” in his book says that the alkalinity of the body can lead to weight loss when the body has a lot of fat. Acid waste, which comes from foods the way Americans typically eat, like high-fat foods, for example. The Dr also noted that the fat absorbed by the patient’s medical surgery will be dark black which comes from the body’s result which stores the acid in fat. Therefore, the patient should drink alkaline water and consume alkaline foods to help him remove this waste from the body. Which will cause weight loss.

Dr. Otto Warberg
Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1973. He discovered that no virus or bacteria can live in an alkaline environment. (Cancer likes to be in a place where there is acidity)

Dr. William Hay
His studies tend to prove that the cause of all diseases comes from the accumulation of acid in the body.

Dr. H. Sartori
His work shows that if the body’s pH / pH is 8.5, cancer cells will die. Without destroying the good cells.

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